Pilaw was served at the beginning of the Year

For centuries, our ancestors used to serve a charity table before a good deed. Continuing this old tradition, on January 13, 2021, as a token of gratitude for the New Year and the beginning of the traditional study year, a table with food was served for students living in the dormitory of our institute.

This charitable act was organized on the initiative of the rector of our institute O.Umurzakov. In the courtyard of the dormitories were set up stoves and skilled cooks began to cook pilaw, in the morning. Our students living in the dormitory also took an active part in this process and did their best to help the cooks.

During the event, the rector of the institute also visited the sewing workshop organized in the dormitory in the framework of 5 important initiatives. He observed the conditions created in this workshop, the clothes made by our students, and expressed his gratitude to our girls who sew flowers by hand. The students living in the dormitory of the institute were very happy with this event and expressed their gratitude to the management of the institute.

Information of Z. Khaydarov, head of the department of

Youth work, spirituality and enlightenment

Press service of TIIAME