Staff trip to Bukhara

To realize the Program on Development of the Domestic Tourism "Travel around Uzbekistan", approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on February 7, 2018, "On measures to ensure the rapid development of domestic tourism" on January 8-9, a visit to the sacred places of Bukhara region was held in order to ensure the fulfillment of tasks and constant attention and care to the employees who are working in the Institute. In order to make the journey comfortable, the departure and return was made at the modern Talgo train. Travel originally started with the branch of our institute. The staff got acquainted with the departments and branches and then visited sacred and saintly holy places of Bukhara.

                                                                                 Report by Q.Shovazov, the vice-rector for youth work

                                                                               R.Jumaniyozov, the press-secretary of the institute