The results of researches

A report on the work done in 2018 on the organization of research activities, preparation of scientific and pedagogical professionals, work with gifted students, introduction of research results in the educational and production process took place at the faculty of Land management.


At this meeting, the faculty members mentioned their active participation in researches based on the state budget, the Republican grant and the economic contracts in 2018, as well as the implementation of the results of the research works in the practice and the educational process, scientific and pedagogical and personnel training.


Moreover, four departments of the faculty including the Department of Land Management, the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformatics, the Department of State Cadastres, and the Department of Higher Mathematics made a report about their research. At the end research results carried out at the faculty were approved and the work planned for 2019 was discussed.


Report by Kh.Eshova, the deputy dean of the faculty of LM for youth work

R.Jumaniyozov, the press-secretary of the institute