An online management meeting of the Erasmus + DSinGIS project.

The next online management meeting of the Erasmus + project "DSinGIS: Doctoral Studies in Geoinformatics" was held on September 7 on the Zoom platform. At the meeting attended the project's partners from Hungary (University of Obuda, OU), Austria (the University of Paris-Lodron in Salzburg, PLUS), Germany (Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Development in Transition, IAMO), and Uzbekistan (TIIAME, UZNU, KSU, TAI, SamSAI). Project Coordinator Lorant Foldwary managed the meeting.


The following issues  of the meeting:


WP1. Project management (external audit, financial statements);

WP3. Creation of training materials (Theory of mistakes, state of the creation of Moodle course; transfer of moodle course database from a server of Paris-Lodron University in Salzburg to TIIAME server; the start of phase 2 of pilot testing of created moodle courses);

WP4. Formation of educational infrastructure (tender for the purchase of equipment for the Joint Research Center; Charter of the Joint Research Center and Business Model);

WP5. Glossary of geophysical terms (harmonization plan and approval process);

WP6. Professional development (Ph.D. students study in Europe, Summer School of Geoinformatics);

WP7. Traditional scientific conferences (organization of a summer school on geoinformatics in conjunction with the International Conference GI2020);

WP9. Project distribution and use of results (preparation of articles for NEO edition) and various other issues.

The reports of the responsible persons were heard on each of the above issues; the next tasks were identified and included in the minutes of the meeting. In the meeting attended Basic Doctoral student of the Department of Land Use Ilkhom Abdurahmanov the National Coordinator of the project in Uzbekistan, and the National Manager of the project in Uzbekistan, the head of the Innovation and Research Cluster Mamanbek Reimov.

All information from the online moodle courses created within the project will be studied as a pilot course by Ph.D. students admitted to partner universities in Uzbekistan in the specialty of 11.00.07 - Geoinformatics. It was also proposed to obtain a patent for the Glossary of Geophysical Terms, which was unanimously approved. The task was to transfer this glossary database from the Obuda University server to the TIIAME server. Proposals to hold the GI2020 International Conference and the last monitoring meeting on January 27-30, 2021, and the Summer School on Geoinformatics on February 1-5, 2021 and to call it a “winter school” or “short intensive course” were approved by the participants.

Ilkhom Abdurahmanov, the project's national coordinator in Uzbekistan prepared five articles for publishing based on the project's results and would be sent to the address of Erasmus + office in Uzbekistan which is published in “Erasmus + in Uzbekistan 2020” on 8 September.

Detailed information about the project can be found on the official website of the project:


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