Unique and rare talent

People's poet of Uzbekistan, Hero of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov was a unique talent who raised our national literature to a new level. His high artistic, deep philosophical poems are deeply rooted in the hearts of our people. His dramas, epics, and translations, his journalistic works have made a great contribution to the development of our literature. These days, educational institutions are holding spiritual and educational events, meetings, and roundtables dedicated to the birth of the great poet and immortalization of his memory. Today, a group of talented students and professors of the Faculty of Land Management gathered at the Alley of Writers in front of the statue of the great Uzbek writer Abdulla Aripov. In front of this magnificent statue, the Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs R. Choriev, the press secretary of the institute R. DJumaniyazov, the dean of the faculty of Land resource management Sh. Narbaev, the deputy dean Kh. Eshova and the guest of the event. The event, which was attended by Daniyor Mirzo, professors, teachers, and students was full of wonderful impressions. The event focused on the great contribution of the writer to the development of modern Uzbek literature, his activity in the state and public affairs, his passion for educating young artists.




- When we say Abdulla Aripov, we mean a talented teacher, a brilliant figure, a role model both in his work and in life, - says the poet Daniyor Mirzo, a member of the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan. - The names of the teacher are already deep in the hearts of our people. When we say Abdulla Aripov, we are reminded of such poems as “Uzbekistan is my homeland”, “Why do I love Uzbekistan?”, “My first love” and many others, which have become folk wisdom today. There is no circle if his poems do not sound. We wake up every day with a hymn; we go to sleep with a hymn. So what is our duty to the poet today? In particular, I will answer the question of what is the role of young people: the content and wisdom of Abdulla Aripov's poems must be nurtured, and this priceless heritage must be passed on to future generations. It should be noted that Abdulla Aripov's poetry has a special place in the Uzbek people's understanding of national identity and struggle for independence. The poems of the author, which cover various topics such as love, motherhood, life, kindness, independence, kindness, do not fail to shake the human heart.





Last year, at the initiative of the head of our state, a boarding school named after Abdulla Aripov was opened in the center of Karshi, specializing in in-depth teaching of the native language and literature. A statue of the poet was erected in the school alley. A library and a museum with all the works of the author and books by other artists were also established on the basis of the school. Abdulla Aripov is a unique talent. Deep philosophical, national spirit, devotion to religious and moral criteria form the basis of the poet's poetry. Abdulla Aripov's poetry plays an important role in the struggle of the Uzbek people for national revival, freedom, and independence. Creative students, who took an active part in the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan, were also presented with books by the poet. Then the faculty team visited the historical museum named after "Tashkent", got acquainted with the remarkable exhibits, and returned with great impressions.



TIIAME press service