Tesing is experience

Test is one of the important principles of achieving this goal. Rewarding and motivating is important for the foundation of the future. In particular, the cornerstone of the third renaissance was built by a knowledge-seeking, enlightened generation. It is no coincidence that the head of our state, supporting young people and keeping the health of our people recognizing as a requirement of the time, directly connected the name of the year with this goal. One of the most important factors in supporting young people is their education and the quality of education provided to them.

A similar effort can be seen at Academic Lyceum under Karshi branch of TIIAME. Before starting the testing process with the participation of students registered in the competition, Lyceum Director Yo. K. Tashmurodov wished good luck to all students. It is noteworthy that reporters from Kashkadarya TV visited the Academic Lyceum under Karshi branch of TIIAME. Khaqberdiyeva Mashkhura Khabib qizi, a student of school No. 24 in Shirkent village of Karshi district, won the highest award with 58 points. The Olympic winners are sharing their joy with their families.

Press service of TIIAME