The celebration of Genius’s birthday

It is characteristic of people of high talent, who can always tell the truth, meet the universal ideas and the needs of every time, space and human. Undoubtedly, AlisherNavoi,  ‘the greatest of all geniuses’ deserves this rate.

The same spirit was dominated by the spiritual event dedicated to the 578th anniversary of Navai on February 8. Associate Professor of the department of  "Languages" KomilaRakhimovaand JamshidTurdiev, the deputy dean of the faculty of organization and management of water resources , organized an educational event with a group of educated pedagogues and students.

A lot of guests came to the event including Mirza Azizov , the director of the Uzbek State Musical Drama Theater named after Muqimiy, the People's Artist of Uzbekistan, a talented actress Ma'rifatxonOrtiqova, the theater press secretary FeruzahonKholiqova.

At the beginning of the event, K.Shovvazov, the Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs made a speech on the intelligence of Navoi. Then the People's Artist of Uzbekistan Mirza Azizov was promoted. He emphasized the greatness of Navoi's art and its place in social life, saying that Navoi, Shakespeare, Goethe, Pushkin were the columns  of the world.

The students of the institute presented dramas, songs, Navoi’s poems in different languages. The audience had really great time as if they had been in the period when Navoi lived.

According to the capacity of AlisherNavoi's work is more than 60000 verses. His "Hamsa" includes the following dostons (plays): "Hayratu-l-abror", "FarhodvaShirin", "LaylivaMajnun", "Sab'aisayyor", "SaddiIskandariy". Navoi was the first poet who created completed "Hamsa" in turkiy language (the old Uzbek language) and proved that such great work could be written in turkiy. AlisherNavoi's life and  works are in the process of studying, public attention to these issues, and pride in publications. The magnificent statues of Navoi in Japan, the United States and Russia is the obvious prove of his worldwide fame and global admiration to him. We can become a great nation if we study and deeply understand Navoi, fulfilling the requirements set by the Homeland in all spheres of society, culture, economy and politics.



                                                                              R.Jumaniyozov, the press secretary of the institute