Award ceremony of ‘Intellectual – 2018’

In pursuance of the President’s Resolution on July 14, 2018 "On Additional Measures to Increase Efficiency of Commercialization of Scientific and Technological Activity Results", in the field of innovation activity For the purpose of developing the technology and competitive products by identifying the best intellectual property and promoting their authors for the purpose of enhancing the work of young scientists and inventors, in October 2018, among the professors and teachers of the Institute, the contest "Intellectual-2018" was held. A total of 38 scientific and innovative projects were submitted to the competition. The final stage of the "Intellectual-2018" contest among the professors and teachers of the Institute was held on January 10, 2019. The competition was attended by professors and teachers of the following nominations:

a) in the nomination of "The Best Invention"

1st place - The project manager, UsmonovKamoliddinEshkulovich, for the project of "Organic Waste Management Technique" and the equipment for its processing, and according to the order of the rector of the institute he was rewarded with one million sums.

b) In the nominationof  "The Best Utility Model"

1st place - BakievMasharifRuzmetovich, the project leader of "Ground Water Absorption Rate", and was rewarded with one million sums.

2nd place - ToshmuradovYorqinKakhramonovich, the project manager of "Semiconductor coordinate susceptible detector", he was encouraged with 800 thousand sums.

c) In the nomination of "The Best Computer Exposure Program and Database"

1st place - the project manager MirsaidovMirziod was rewarded with one million soums.

2nd place - the project manager MavlanovTulginMavlanovich was awarded with a prize of 800 thousand soums.

3rd place - "Development of software for assessment of land resources by various means", the project manager Abdullaev Zafar Sayfutdinovich was awarded with a prize of 500 thousand soums.

3rd place - the project manager Irismatova Aziza Isroilovna was awarded with 500 thousand soums.

d) in the nominationof  “Creative Computer Program"

1st place was given to ShaymanovNizomiddinOmonkulovich, the project manager of "Identification of the coefficient of soil density equalization on the ground leveling" and was awarded with one million soums of cash prize.

d) "Best copyright" nomination

1st place –for the project "Electronic textbook on construction machinery", project director ImamovShavkatNorboevich was awarded with one million soums in cash.

The competition was organized by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Innovation Council of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Engineers of Agricultural Mechanization, the Innovation Fund, and the Department of Commercialization of Scientific Innovations.