Round-table talk

The strategic plans of the institute for preventing the death of mothers and infants in the Republic was worked out in order to realize the performance of the tasks put at the meeting on the enhancement of health care and solving the present problems.

A round-table talk ‘On preventing the death of mothers and infants’ was organized at the institute on February 8, 2019. The event was participated by qualified doctors Z.Yuldasheva and K.Abdumuminova and the teachers and female students of the faculties of Organization and Management of Water Resources and Mechanization of Hydromeliorative works.

Z.Yuldasheva made a speech on the topic and the students and teachers were given full answers to their questions.


                                                                                            Z.Khafizov, the head of The Women’s Committee of the institute

R.Jumaniyozov, the press secretary of the institute