Call for Vigilance

On February 2, 2019, the Department of "Irrigation and Melioration" S.Kasimbetova, Ass. G.T.Ahmedjanova, ass. D.G.Yulchiyev, ass. A.Daliudko, trainee teacher E. Malikov conducted the spiritual-educational event on the theme "Vigilance is the requirement of time" in the 3rd. At the event, the students were provided with information on controversies in today's controversy in different parts of the world and about growing conflicts and conflicts in various Muslim currents in the Muslim world. At the same time, it was explained to students that we need a peaceful and tranquil life, the responsibility of every person to preserve peace, and constant awareness. The event was very interesting and the question was well-received.

 Information of D. Yulchiyev, Assistant of the Department of "Irrigation and Melioration"

The press secretary of the Institute, Rakhimboy Jumaniyazov