An effective mechanism

Teachers of the Department of "Humanities" GIM, senior lecturers O.Normatov, B.Madamina, N.Rahmanberdieva and assistants M.Hakimova, H.Botirovalar, teachers of the chair "Religious tolerance, freedom of conscience, mutual consent ".

The topic of the discussion is that the issue is actual today, and it is the theme of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev 's five priorities in the Strategy for Action 2017-2021.

Of course, we know that our republic is a multinational country. Also, citizens of different religions live in our country. As noted in our Constitution, we must have a spirit of respect for citizens of different religions. It was explained through examples of how we should bring up unity, solidarity, and live together with our neighbors.


Bahriddin Mukimov, Assistant of the Department of Humanities at GIM

The press secretary of the Institute, Rakhimboy Jumaniyazov