International Symposium on Ecological Restoration and Management of the Aral Sea

The  symposium  on  “Ecological  Restoration  and  Management  of  the  Aral  Sea"  will  be  held  virtually  in  24-25 November  2020  jointly  with  all  co-organizers,  initiated  by  Xinjiang  Institute  of  Ecology  and  Geography,  Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In accordance with the “Urumqi Declaration for China-Uzbekistan Cooperation Initiative-Ecological Restoration for the  Aral  Sea  Region”  which  was  jointly  released  by  the  relevant  scientific  research  institutions  of  China  and Uzbekistan  in  October  13,  2019,  leading  experts  and  scientists  agreed  for  leveraging  mutual  efforts  in  science, technology,  expertise  and  best  practices  among  China,  Uzbekistan,  and  other  Central  Asian  countries  under innovation-driven  regional  cooperation  on  ecological  restoration  of  the  Aral  Sea.  This  is  to  contribute  to  the improvement of regional ecological environment and sustainable socio-economic development essential for regional and global welfare of the present and future generations.

In this regard, policymakers, researchers, and experts at national and international levels from China, Central Asia and other countries will engage in dialogue on addressing the environmental deprivation around the Aral Sea, knowledge sharing  of  ecological  security  of  the  Aral  Sea  and  promoting  the  achievement  of  the  UN  SDGs  at  2030.  Keynote inputs or presentations will be shared as basis for the exchange of ideas among the participants.

Some  of  symposium  subjects  include  evolution  of  the  Aral  Sea,  climate  change  and  human  activities;  innovation technologies  and  green  livelihood  under  SDGs;  Regional  cooperation  for  sustainable  development;  discussion  on program of Green Aral Sea, etc.

Language of the symposium: English, Russian (Simultaneous translation)

Prior to the Symposium, a collection of abstract for each thematic subject will be prepared. The development of the abstracts will set basis for the development of the Scientific Journal of Regional Sustainability.

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