Dean of the Faculty

                                Ass.prof.  Ibragimov A.G. 

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In Uzbekistan from 1970 onwards there were no economists prepared for water management. Due to the shortage of water and its non-effective use has led to problem. And there was a necessity to prepare economists for water management. To solve this issue in the faculty of “Hydrotechnical constructions” the direction of «The economy of water resources and its organization” was created. This direction transformed itself into an independent faculty since 1976.

Every year full-time and extra-mural departments of this faculty would accept 50 students. In 1979, 50 students graduated from this faculty.

Great professors-teachers have made their efforts for a development and great success of a faculty. They are: Professors Khodjaev Sadulla Madaminovich, Khodjaev Bakhodir Asatullaevich, Sultanov Anorboy Sultanovich, docents Pulatov Askar  Pulatovich ,Mirgiazov Mirubaydullo Mirgiazovich, Khisamov Amin Vakkasovich,   Ochilov Sattor Rahmankulovich, Tursunov Rahim Tursunovich, Kuchkarov Mahkam Qochkorovich, Valentina Ivanovna Grankina, Zarva Vera Nikolaevna, senior teachers Rakhimov Valentin Hikmatovich, Kamilbekova Muhayo Kamilbekovna, Ivanova Zinaida Semenovna and others.

With the independence, great attention has been paid to the history passed by people, rehabilitation and development, spirituality and values, which were formed by many years, development of the education system, strengthening its foundations based on demands of world standards. A rich intellectual heritage, people, achievements in science, engineering and technology are important factors for training system formation. During this time, scientific and methodical Cabinet was created that was fully provided with methodological tools. In addition, specialized educational audiences are equipped with optical cinema project, dioproject, overhead projectors.

For economists, managers and the accountants for their in-depth study subjects, which meet the requirements of a market economy, and in order to facilitate learning of President’s decrees, faculty has issued a lot of manuals and guidelines.

The departments have improved educational laboratories and are equipped with computers. There are 2 lingophone classrooms, 4 computer classrooms for the contemporary lessons, over 20 classrooms which are equipped with information technology.

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                                               Fragments from educational process

In 2004-2014 Abdullayev Zafar Sayfutdinovich was appointed   as a dean of the faculty.

One the main priorities of development and quality training in the conceptual program therefore in all spheres Tashkent Institute of irrigation and melioration carries out the following activities:

-improve the quality of lectures, practical lessons and seminars, as well as conducting educational work; provide students with textbooks, manuals, guidelines and handout; speed up the implementation of the innovative pedagogical and information technologies; attract talented students to research work performed on chairs; develop the scientific circles; teach students to perform independent works; increase the quality of lectures, practical lessons and educational activities; continually supply students with textbooks, manuals, guidelines and other educational materials;

Work with gifted students.

Under the guidance of professors-teachers, gifted students have achieved the following accomplishments: in a high school competition gifted students of our faculty actively participated and achieved the following results: in 2002 Junusov Iskander Orifovich  became a Presidential Scholar of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in 2006 year Dilobar Alisherovna Tashmatova Scholar won Alisher Navoi scholarship , and she also was a winner of Zulfiya stipendya at City stagein; in 2006 Han Galina became a winner of international competition, in taekwondo in Korea; in 2006 year, Rakhmatullayev Bahtier won a scholarship of Mirzo Ulugbek; in 2007 year Naima Zoirova won a scholarship of Alisher Navoi; in 2008 year, Maxim Vergazov became a winner of LG Grand; in 2008 Eshonkulov Botir Toychievich was granted a stipendium of Alisher Navoi; in 2008 year Luisa Sbankulova was granted a stipendium of Beruniy ; in 2009 year, Bajmuratova Mehriban Mahsetovna was granted stipendium of Alisher Navoi; in 2010 year Eshmatov Mukhtor Farhodovich was a winner of the Republican competition in German language: in 2010 year Mannapova Rano Abrorovna was granted a stipendium of Alisher Navoi; in the 2007-2010 Mihahos Anastasia Nikolaevna became Prize winner of Mehr Nuri scholarship; in 2010 Gulamova Hilola Abdumannapovna became a winner of Mehr Nuri scholarship; in 2011 year, Lola ha Abdullayev was granted a stipendium of Alisher Navoi.

In the 2012-2013 academic year student of 4 course, group 5 Kalbaev Bahtier was granted a stipendium of Alisher Navoi. Student of 3course group 3 Abduraupova Guzal won a education grant of the Erasmus Mundus programme, an international educational project of Wageningen University in the Kingdom of the Netherlands (CASIA); student of 2 course group 5 Shonazorov Nodir was granted a stipendium by Kari Niezij; student of 2course Tadjieva Gulrukh became a winner at the Republican Youth Contest «Kelajak ovozi-2012» , held in Tashkent, in the category of «Traditional applied arts» in the direction of «Dance» and was involved in the final stage. Student of 2 course group 7 Avlezova Gulzada participated and won 1st place in the state Zulfiya Prize at City stage and got an access to the Republican final stage competition.


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       Avlezova Gulzoda,winner of Zulfiyahonim contest (region stage) and Tadjieva Gulrukh became a winner at the Republican Youth Contest” Kelajak ovozi-2012”,held in Tashkent, in the category of” Traditional applied arts” in the direction of “Dance” and was involved in the final stage.

The Faculty carries out an individual work with gifted students according to the “National professional training program «. The gifted students were according to the order of the Rector N237a/f Uztoz-shogird system attached to leading professors and teachers and attracted to precise areas of subject matter.

 The Faculty has the following scientific societies: on faculty «Economics of water management» circle «Young Economist»-19students, at the Department of “Water management”, circle «Managers ‘ Club» -18 students, at the Chair of «Accounting and audit» “Practical accountancy «circle -25 students ,at the Department of “Foundations of economic theory «, circle «Young Economist» -16 students, on staff of «Information technology» circle «Young program mist» -16 students ,at the Department of «Uzbek language and foreign language» 5 clubs there are 46 students in them. As well as these students participate in research activities of the faculties.

The faculty offers 3 Bachelor and 2 Master Programs:

 Bachelor Programs:

  • 5230100 Economy (in water)
  • 5230200 Management (water management)
  • 5230900 Accounting & audit (in water)

5230100- Economics (in water) in the direction of the Bachelor. The Bachelor gets a basic knowledge in evaluation of water resources in water economy and use them, protection of water objects and fight with water, harmful effects, development of organizations by exploitation of water economy, water user Association, construction organization of water economy, farmers and dekhkan farms, infrastructure, development and organization of small firms exploring new techniques to improve the reclamation condition of irrigated lands of water objects and irrigated lands.

Upon completion of the Bachelor degree graduates can work in the management of irrigation system, in the construction of the aquatic farms, in factories, which provide services to water users, research institutions, local public bodies. Also undergraduate under program 5230100-economy (in water) may continue their studies at postgraduate level in 5A230102-economy (in water).

5A230102- Economics (water management). Graduates of this Masters course on specialties can work: in scientific institutions dealing with economic challenges in the academic, scientific and research organizations and institutions; scientific research centers; in the research-and-production organizations; in the higher and secondary educational system; in the public administration; in the different directions of water can carry out activities and work in the estate, industrial organization.

5230200- Management (water management)-undergraduate. Bachelors degree become governing worker in the production of subject and object in water sector, in the management of small businesses and private business entity, in the organization and management of different forms of enterprises’ property, joint ventures and foreign enterprises, foreign economic activity, organization of enterprises to conduct agricultural activities. They can be leaders in irrigation systems   management of reservoirs, irrigation management system in construction of water management organizations, in designing organizations aquatic farms. Undergraduates of 5230200-management (water) may continue their studies at postgraduate level in the following specialties 5A230201 – management (water management).

5230900-Accounting and auditing (in water) in undergraduate. Graduates studying accounting and audit in water sector enterprises; organize the work of accounting in the production of the subject in economy; explore the process of auditing in Uzbekistan; study processes in accounting and methods of accounting; the process of exchanging documents in accounting; provides information of accounting and audit; apply of computer technology in accounting and auditing; studies financial analysis of production holdings; explore the process of the formation of financial accounting; auditor’s conclusion and report preparation, procedure for the submission thereof; applies systematic approach in accounting and audit; explore the software of accounting and auditing.

5230900-accounting and auditing (water management). Graduates in Bachelor’s degree can work as a chief accountant or accountant in the enterprises and in organizations of water management, in the Ministry of agriculture and water economy, at the regional and district offices of the water sector, in irrigation system of reservoirs management, in water users association, in construction organizations of water economy, also a research fellow at scientific-research institution, and teaching in vocational colleges in the field of water management.