Zarip MajlisovichMuqimov Z.M.

    Dean of the Faculty,

Candidate of Economic  Sciences,

    tel: 237-09-70

Faculty of Land Management was established in 1945 under the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIAME).

From 2004 to the present day faculty operates under the name of «Land use and land cadastre»

Faculty is considered only one in the Republic which trains highly skilled personnel for agriculture and water resources in the areas of land use, land cadastre, geodesy and cartography.

From the founding of the Faculty scientists as associate professors M.N.Maslov, PK Kristina, Zh.K.Baranov, V.S.Artamonov, A.N.Nazirov, A.T.Abdurazakov, Professor O. Ramazanov, associate professor K. Rakhmonov and professor Avezbaev C. have conducted their pedagogical and research activities. Associate professor Mukimov Z. has been managing the faculty since 2011.

Before the faculty had only one chair named «Geodesy», during the long period of history departments such as «Designing Land Management», «Planning and accomplishment of villages», «airalphotogeodesy», «Soil», «Land and land relations,» » Land Registry «,» Cartography » have been developed under the faculty.

ZU-1Currently, faculty consists of three departments as «Land management and land relations», «Surveying and Land cadastre» and «Higher Mathematics».

When the faculty established 25 students were accepted to study each year, but nowadays this number reached to 170. Faculty has prepared over 4,700 highly skilled engineers, surveyors, and about 2,000 undergraduates for agricultural areas and also 16 master’s and 3 PhD degrees for foreign countries. Currently, 670 students are trained at the faculty in the field of land management and cadastre, geodesy, cartography and cadastre, professional education (land management and cadastre).

Since that time the department has become a major educational center in Central Asia. Numerous specialists have been prepared for Kazakhstan Turkmenistan, Kirgizistan and Tajikistan. Most of them are now working in various sectors of the economy and contribute to the development of their country. With pride we can say that graduates of our faculty have been working in all public agencies on land management and cadastre. The main task of teachers of the faculty is to prepare modern, highly skilled, experts in this field.

Zu-2           Zu-3

At the time, students and scientific staff of the faculty were actively involved in construction and development of Mirzachol, Surhon-Sherabaza, Karshi regions of the country.

Fields of education:

Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre. The objects of this area are: The land and its resources, land use and more precise control of it, real estate management in cities and towns, conducting works in geodesy, cartography and cadastre, use of geographic information system, technical design of documentation and maintenance.

Land management and land cadastre. The objects of this area are the various branches of land; land categorizing according to land fund of Uzbekistan, use of land, respective rights of land users, conditions and the amount of land, the legal status of the border regions, conducting state registry, land valuation, land use control, information systems of cadastre; project and technical documentation.

Professional education: land tenure and land cadastre. The objects of this specialty are training specialists in the areas of Land use in various industries and their distribution on the land fund, land use and ownership, legal framework of land use, control and study the quantity and the quality of land, legal status of the border regions, evaluation and projecting, system of cadastre information, process of project documentation.

The faculty prepares students for three bachelor and three master’s specialties.

 Bachelor specialties:

Geodesy, cartography and cadastre

Land Management and Land Cadastre

Professional education: Land and land cadastre.

Master Specialties:

Geodesy and Cartography

Geodesy and Cartography (in Geoinformatics)

Management and use of land resources

Winners of the state scholarships and grants

4th year bachelor student at the specialty of Land Management and Land Cadastre Tashtemirova Aziza was awarded with Beruniy stipend and 2 nd year students Aminova Sevara, Elibaeva Madina are holders of «Educational grant» and fund of «Meҳr Nuri» in 2012 and 2013 years.

Staff of the faculty outstanding scientists and professors as E.Fayziboev, A.S.Chertovitskiy, S.Avezbaev and associate professors as A.T.Abdurazzokov, K.Rahmonov, I.Musaev, E.Nurmatov , Z.Mukumov, B.Hudoyerov, T.Kodirbekov, A.Sayfuddinov work and contribute to the prosperity of our Republic.

The faculty has a joint relationship with the guiding organizations and enterprises. As a result of close relationship staff of the faculty have been retrained, developed study materials and strengthened technical base and practice

Spiritual and enlightening works

Objectives of the «Law on education» and «National program for personnel preparation» is to enhance the spiritual and educational work among the students. Faculty consists of 33 academic groups including 29 national and 4 Russian groups.

At the faculty there are spiritual — enlightening, educational, legal, aesthetic, environmental and health promotion activities that are included in study program. We organize meetings, exhibitions and tours in order to aware students about up to date development of land management.

Excursions of students to the exhibition «UZEXPOCENTRE» and the squire of ​​Memory. Meetings with members of the Republican «Red Cross» and members of «Kamolot»

We organize conversations with students according educative plan in curatorial hours. According to the materials of information center « Spiritual and enlightening» students get a lot of new information about the international situation and other events.

At the faculty 46 students are training who served at military and got recommendation for admission to universities.

Students and staff of the faculty is actively participate to the Institute’s sports competitions in football, volleyball, chess and backgammon.

Scientific research works

Faculty scientists conduct research work in areas to improve land management, efficient and sustainable use of land for increasing soil fertility, development of new methods of calculation in land assessment and environmental protection.

The faculty carries out research work on the topic of «Scientific methods of efficient use of land resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan.»

International relations

The faculty has close relationship with the Institute of Technology in Sweden, Stockholm, Moscow State Institute for land management, other land management departments in Central Asian universities, as well as government agencies on Land management, Geodesy and Cadastre. Four students of Land management department has received a master’s degree of the Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Faculty has won TEMPUS grant of European Union ah collaborated with universities of European countries as Sweden, Finland and Slovenia. As a result of this collaboration new master program in land management was developed which meets Bologna process and Uzbek educational standards and 14 teachers of the faculty have participated in the training courses in European universities and also study materials were developed for new master program in land management.


  • Land management and land relations
  • Geodesy and  Land Cadastre
  • Higher mathematics