Department of scientific research and the training of scientific pedagogical staff



Head of the department — Isaev Sabirjan Khusanbaevich  

Tel+99871 237 19 61


The aims and objectives of the department:

— organization and coordination of scientific research;

— the effective use of scientific potential of the leading scientists of the Institute in addressing the existing scientific and technical problems in the field of agriculture and water resources;

— assisting in improving literacy of staff by attracting them in doing scientific works;

  • organization of introducing created scientific research by scientists of the Institute educational process and agricultural production;

— ensuring of doing research works on the basis of economic agreements and budgetary grants;

— organization of scientific seminars and conferences, the interchange of information with scientists from leading international institutions, the establishment of research partnerships;

— saling the scientific and technical products based on the results of research to customers;

— reforming the system of training of the teaching staff and highly skilled professionals, the development of activities by senior researchers, based on a single program in order to ensure undivided training. 


Information about ongoing scientific-research projects

Conducting research in accordance with the research plan of the Institute in 2017 addressed to the urgent problems of 9 scientific problem areas of the agricultural sector of the Republic. On this basis, 23 practical works, 3 innovative works and 1 practical grant of young scientists of the Development Committee of Science and Technology of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Scientific Production Center of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 11 contracts with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Republic of Uzbekistan and 3 contracts with the other organizations and 50 scientific works at the expense of the state budget have been carried out.                                                                                                        

Scientific-methodical works

On the basis of carried out scientific work, a total of 8 monographs, 6 textbooks, 32 study guides, 52 methodical guide, 35 recommendations were published, 17 patents and authors certification were taken by scientists of Institute in 2017 Total number of scientific publications is 545, 115 of them are foreign magazines, 87 in collections of international conferences, 243 in scientific journals of Republic and 101 in the collections of scientific conferences in universities of Uzbekistan.


Preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the Institute are being trained in accordance with the Presidential Decree No. 4958 of 16.02.2017 «On Further Improvement of the Post-Graduate Education System» in order to fulfill the tasks and requirements of the Decree the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Resolution No. 304 of May 22, 2017 measures to further improve in the system of postgraduate education «. Up to the date, our institute conducts its scientific activities of all doctoral students, 9 doctoral students are on a 1-year course, 10 doctoral students are on the second year of training and 8 doctoral students in the third year of study. And also, special attention is paid to the research activity of teachers up to 45 years old. For the current year, about 145 personal plans have been approved for the conduct of research activities of young academic teachers.

Dissertations of 11 doctors of science and 4 PhD have been defended from 2015 to 2017 in our Institute

  1. Sultanov Takhirjon Zakirovich, specialty of «Theory and methods of assessment of strength reliability of earth dams with account of spatial and non-linear deformation of structures».05.23.07 and 01.02.03
  2. Muradov Rustam Anvarovich, specialty of 06.01.02 «Technological bases of operation and maintenance of irrigation and drainage system in water consumer associations».
  3. Mirzayev Bakhadir Suyunovich, specialty of 05.07.01 «Developing technologies treating against soil erosion and technic resources in condition of Uzbekistan».
  4. IsakovAbdusaid Jalilovich, specialty of  05.05.07«Energy service under restructuring of agro-industrial complex».
  5. Abduvaliev Abdukaxor Abdulkhaievich, specialty of 05.02.04 and 05.11.01 «Standardization of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the conditions of market economy, ensure single measurement and develop suitable measuring up system».
  6. Isaev Sabirjan Husanbaevich, specialty of 06.01.02. «Improving irrigation technology of cotton and cereal cops by sub-irrigation method».
  7. Yangiev Asror Abdihamidovich, specialty of 05.09.06. «Improving the structure, design justification methods and operational reliability estimation of vortex shaft dischargers of high pressure hydro systems».
  8. Omarova Galia Edilbekovna, specialty of 06.01.02. «Scientific bases of resource-saving methods, techniques and technologies of an irrigation of crops with GIS use» (on example of South and southeast of  the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  9. Radkevich Maria Viktorovna, specialty of 11.00.05.  «Evaluation the impact of the auto-road complex on the air environment».
  10. Imamov Shavkat Jahonovich, specialty of 05.05.06, 05.07.01 «Technological foundations of the process of obtaining biogas and fertilizers from agricultural wastes».
  11. A.Jurayev 2.10.2017y. specialty of 06.01.02. «Decrease of mineralization of collector-drainage water by biological method and their use in irrigated agriculture» defended their doctor of science thesis on the subject.
  12. Pulatov- 12.06.2015y. (Lund University, Sweden) defended his PhD.
  13. Nurmetov  26.06.2015y. (University of Nitra, Slovakia) defended his PhD.
  14. Xamidov  24.07.2015y. (Humbolt University of Berlin, Germany) defended his PhD.
  15. Bekmirzaev 18.02.2017y. (University of Lille, France) defended his PhD.


Results of scholarship of President of Uzbekistan and other Scholarships received by students of our Institute

In school period of  2016-2017 year, our students successfully participated in the 1st  and 2nd  levels of the scholarships of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, scholarships  named after Beruniy, Navoiy, Islam Karimov and achieved several results, given below:

  1. Batirov Shavkat Gofurovich, the second year master of the speciality «Mechanization of irrigation and drainage works» holder of the state Presidential scholarship
  2. Amanqulova Hilola Vakhobovna, 4th year student of land management and cadastre faculty, holder of the state Presidential scholarship.
  3. Husanbaeva Husnora Sobirzhonovna, a fourth-year student in the field of hydrotechnical constructions, the owner of scholarship of Beruniy.
  4. Boyqulov Zhurabek Khaymitmurodovich student of the 4th year student of land management and cadastre faculty, the owner of the named of the scholarship Beruniy.
  5. Rakhmatova Mukhlisa Abduganyevna a 3rd year student of management, holder of the state named of I.Karimov’s scholarship.
  6. Yoldoshboev Bakhtiyor Baratboevich a 2nd year student of the management speciality, owner of the fellowship named after «Kori-Niyoziy».
  7. With the support of the University of Providence and the Union of Youth in 2017, 6 students were awarded with fellowship.

— Quldoshev Ikrom 4th year student 5th group management specialty.

— Tursunboev Ulugbek 4th  year student of 3rd  groups of management specialty.

— Ergashev Jamshid Zoid ugli 4th year student of the 8th group of the specialty of the Hydromelioration.

— Nurmakhamatov Nodirbek 4th year student of 3rd group of the hydraulic structures specialty.

— Ulashov Shahzod, 4th year student of 5th group, hydroengineering structures specialty.

— Khaidarov Javohir 2nd year student of 8th  group of the hydraulic engineering structures specialty.


Staff of the department


Ismailova Nadejda Igorevna



 Karimova Zarina Abduraximovna

Senior economist 



 Tulyaganova Shoira Shomuradovna




Yarova Sevara Bohodir qizi