Today, there are 447 professors who are working at our institute, 43 of them doctors, professors, 144 candidates of science, docents, 260 senior teachers and assistants. Among the professors and lecturers are 1 honored scientist in Uzbekistan, 2 honored public education officers in Uzbekistan, 2 honored irrigators in Uzbekistan, Service Centers, 3 honored scientists in  Karakalpakstan, the scientific potential of the main states is 41.8%.

The research work carried out by the professors and teachers of the Institute is aimed at solving the current problems of the present day, the results obtained and achieved are intended to implement in the production educational process, divided into 9 priority scientific areas’ problems:

  1. Development of scientific basics for effective use of irrigation water-saving technologies, hydro-melioration systems and improvement of ecological and reclamation condition of irrigated lands;
  2. Development of basics of improvement, computing, design and security of structures of hydraulic buildings;
  3. Mechanization of hydromeliorative work;
  4. Mechanization of agriculture;
  5. Electrification and automation of agriculture and water management;
  6. Basics of improving methods of organizing efficient use of land resources in the Republic of Uzbekistan
  7. Organizational and economic basics of water use in irrigated agriculture
  8. Scientific substantiation of development ща Educational and Scientific Center of the Institute
  9. Coordination of basic doctoral studies and doctoral activities of the Institute.

Scientific-research works carried out within state scientific and technical programs and business contracts

The research works of the Institute include 2 fundamental, 23 practical, 1 practical and 3 innovative state grants on the basis of state grants, submitted by the Committee for Coordination of Science and Technology Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, economic contracts with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management of the Republic of Uzbekistan and 3 other organizations, as well as on the basis of 50 state budgetary initiatives. 24 state grants, 764,263 million soums, 2 fundamental research grants, totaling 61,316 million soums. Scientific research on the basis of economic agreements concluded with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other 3 organizations in the total amount of 111,017 million soums, The total amount of the research funded by the Republican Council for issues of accounting, rational management, economization and effective utilization of water resources — 378 million sums, totaling 75,0 million soums and 13 The total amount of institutional research — 295.0 million soums. In total, in 2017, the Institute attracted over 1314.596 million soums of off-budget funds.