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The head of “Administrative office and archive”

Shamuratova Firuza Abdumajitovna

Tel: + 998712371931


Department “Administrative office and archive” is one of the main divisions of the administrative apparatus of the Institute. This office is based in its activities on the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan №482 «On approval of the regulations of archives» of 30 October 1999, as well as the Presidential Decree, Decree № 194 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan «On additional measures for the development of archives in the Republic of Uzbekistan «dated 26 August 2008 on the procedure for monitoring the execution of the Regulation of documents approved by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan №10-11 dated August 28, 2009, the Law on education, the National program for personnel training, rector’s orders Institute of Scientific Council decisions and other legal documents and regulations of the Tashkent Institute of irrigation and melioration.

Department “Administrative office and archive” organizes its activities to ensure compliance with the documents directly and jointly with other divisions of the Institute.

Activities of the department “Administrative office and archive”

On the basis of the unified state system of record keeping, preparation of official documents about this manual and the requirements of the department carries out operational and cultural performance and learning according to the unified requirements.

Timely provision of execution of orders, decisions, orders and decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources prepared by the responsible persons.

Controlling, acceptance, consideration and execution received by the Institute of legal and physical persons of documents, questionnaires, letters, statements, complaints and suggestions.

Department “Administrative office and archive” examines the rationale, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations and take the documents submitted by various departments and divisions.

Department “Administrative office and archive” in its activities in a timely manner provides the completeness, and after using the storage and timely delivery to the archive, quality and accuracy of files and registries.

Duties of the Department “Administrative office and archive”

Department “Administrative office and archive” should take timely and execute received decrees, orders, written documents, bring them to performers and institute leadership. After defining the direction of dates of performance department supervises timely execution of documents.

Timely multiplies official documents and bring them to the performers. Draw up decrees, directives, orders and task management, enforce and be responsible for the quality of performance.

Controls the record keeping in the state language.

Register and analyze received applications, complaints and proposals and in due time bring to the leadership, control their execution.

Made out in the prescribed manner outgoing institute documents, departments, faculties and bring them to the addressees.

Require documents prepared in the state language.

In its activities, the department subordinate directly to the Rector of the Institute. Department “Administrative office and archive” controls the head of the department. Recruitment and dismissal is carried out on the basis of the order of the rector.

At present in department are working  follows:

  1. Shamuratova Firuza Abdumazhitovna — head of the department.
  2. Dadakuzieva Shakhnoza Bahtiyarovna — Head of the archive.
  3. Miryusupova Kholida Zakirovna — operator.
  4. Hasanov Nadir Abror Kesey — operator.
  5. Hasanova hornless Saidahborovna — archivist.