History of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration has its origins in 1920, when meliorative engineering faculty was organized on the basis of the hydro technic engineering faculty of the Turkestan State University. Implementation of the republics of Central Asia, land and water reform and further development of irrigation and mechanization of agricultural production demanded the creation of a single technical institution of higher education.

In 1934, November 11, Tashkent Institute of Engineers of Irrigation and Mechanization of Agriculture (TIEIMA) was founded with two faculties: Hydro-melioration and Mechanization, and afterwards new departments were opened: Land Use Planning (1945), mechanization of irrigation and drainage works (1946), Hydroelectric construction (1946), Organization of water management (1974). In 1979, general engineering faculty was established.

For great achievements made in training, development and implementation of research in agricultural production in 1971, the Institute was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor. These achievements have invested many work rectors: prof. S.P.Pulatov (1961-1978 yy.), prof. S.I.Iskandarov (1978-1986 yy.), Academician A.U.Salimov (1986-1992.), Prof. S.I.Ibadullaev (1992-1995 yy.), Prof. A.R.Radjaboev (1995-2000.), Vice-Rector: prof. A.G.Ostankev, O.V.Lebedev academician, prof. F.M.Rahimbaev, retired colonel M.I.Muradov, prof. V.A.Em, prof. SS Mirzaev, prof. E.F.Fayzibaev, prof. M.I.Ismailov, Dr. prof.P.Umurzakov, prof. M.H.Hamidov.

An important new stage in the development institution is experiencing at the moment, March 30, 2004 decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan Institute was transformed into Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration. Today the institute — it is well-known both at home and abroad institution. Currently, 4280 students training is carried out on 5 faculties, 29 departments of the 358 teachers and researchers. They include 31 professors and doctors, 157 associate professors and candidates of sciences. The Institute has a modern educational and scientific-experimental base, located in a unique educational and laboratory buildings with a total useful floor area 29350m2. Functions Scientific Library with a total fund of 613 770 thousand. Copies of volumes. The Institute’s Training and Board of Trustees.

The institute is focused on the more stable and purposeful work on improvement of the educational process, improve the efficiency of research, achieving more effective results in the education of future experts on humanistic and spiritual values inherent in the Uzbek people and proclaimed as a public policy priority.