Head of the department —  Kh. Lapasov

 Tel: 99871-237-09-83

Email: timinazorat@inbox.uz

Department of internal control and monitoring established in 1997 head of the department were: 1997-1998. prof. S.Avezbaev; The years 1998-2000. prof. S.Sulaymonov; The years 2001-2003. Assoc. A.Muhammedov. The years 2003-2015. Assoc. X.Shukurlaev. From 2015 to date have lead the department  Kh.Lapasov.

Department of internal inspection and monitoring has been operating on the basis of:

  • Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 12.01.1999, № 12 «On measures to strengthen the executive discipline.»
  • Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 29.03.1999, № 140 «On approval of regulations on office organization and monitoring of performance in government and administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan».
  • Procedure for monitoring the executive discipline in the ministries, agencies and business associations of the Republic (approved by the Cabinet of Ministers dated August 28, 2009 № 11-10)
  • O’zDSt 1157-2008, the DRC ARDS as well as guidance on records management in TIIM formulated according to requirements of the highest of these documents.

Department of Internal inspection and monitoring established in order to achieve the objectives svoёvremennoy the National Programme for Training, the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan kasayushyhsya educational process, decrees, regulations and orders of the President, Cabinet of Ministers, the Council’s decisions and orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and Ministry Agriculture and Water Resources, the tasks set in the treatment of «physical and legal entities» as well as the decision of the Council of the Institute and the order of the rector of the Institute.